How to complete a trip to Chandrashila under Rs. 2500?

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Chandrashila Peak

When it comes to complete a trekking trip in the budget, then it is a little difficult task. Without proper planning and guidance, one cannot do it.

But don't worry I'm going to give you a proper step by step guide to complete this trip if you are planning to accomplish this trekking trip to "Chandrashila Peak" from Delhi under Rs 2500.

Believe in yourself & organise necessary things

Please don't go to the market to buy an official trekking bag for this trip. Use your daily backpack and try to minimise weight on your back because during trekking you need to be energetic and if you have a heavy weight on your back then this will reduce your energy which is not a good idea. So, finally, collect some useful things for your trip below-

i) Jacket/Sweatshirt

ii) comfortable Shoes (1 pair) & socks (2 pair)

iii) Electronic gadgets, mobile charger, power bank

iv) Water bottle mandatory to save water cost

Now, take a few important steps towards your trekking trip journey-

1) Bus ticket booking for Srinagar(Uttarakhand)

Simply search on google for Uttarakhand official roadway website. Book a bus from Delhi to Srinagar (Garhwal). I and my friend booked a ticket for Srinagar only for Rs.470, per Head. You can also book your ticket offline from ISBT Kashmiri Gate Bus terminal (not recommended).

We left Delhi at 6:30 Pm for Srinagar from ISBT Kashmiri Gate Bus Terminal.

On the way to Srinagar, we ate omelette when the bus stopped at a 'Dhaba'. Here, we paid Rs.30 per head.

Note:- the ticket fare is only for an ordinary bus but for AC/luxury buses you need to 'burn a hole in your pocket.'

2) Towards Rudraprayag

After reaching Srinagar bus terminal around 09:00 Am, we started searching for the bus to Ukhimath. When we asked some local people, they suggested booking a taxi, which was too costly for us because we were searching for as cheapest as possible.

After asking some more people, we decided to take a local bus to Rudraprayag. We got a bus for Rudraprayag for only Rs.40 per Head. Our new bus driver heads Bus steering towards Rudraprayag around 10:00 Am.

3) The way towards Ukhimath

Within 2 hr of our journey to Rudraprayag, we reached here around 11:45 Am.

After reaching Rudraprayag we started searching for Bus to Ukhimath. There was wastage of time to search for a bus for Ukhimath from Rudraprayag because buses are very limited. There is only one option to go for Ukhimath from Rudraprayag, take a local sharing taxi, like Bolero etc. It will cost you an amount of Rs.100 per Head. We left Rudraprayag for Ukhimath around 12:00 Pm.

We reached Ukhimath around 02:00 Pm. Here we used a public toilet.

In Ukhimath we ate samosa and omelette and we bought two chocolates which cost a total of Rs.110(Rs. 55 per head).

4) The way towards Sari Village

We were enjoying our journey to Ukhimath in a Bolero congested with 11-12 people. After a few hours we reached Ukhimath and then again we took a sharing Bolero to Sari Village from Ukhimath. Within 45 minutes we reached Sari village. For this part of our trip to Chandrashila, we paid Rs.40 per head (you have to take sharing taxi otherwise it will cost you a lot).

We visited "Deoria Tal" lake in Sari Village. At Deoria Tal you need to buy a ticket for Rs.150 which is same for all visitors. But for students, there is only Rs.75 to pay.

If you are going for Chandrashila then don't skip Deoria Tal because you are not going again for Deoria Tal in another trip. It is near-about 2 hr. trek(including a return to the starting point)

We spent that night in Tala Village which is near about 5 km away from Sari Village because we had to catch the early morning bus to Chopta. And we covered this distance by own. It is on the highway of Ukhimath to Chopta. Here we paid Rs.395(120 = food + 275 = for room) per head.

5) The way towards our final destination

From the highway, we got the Bus for Chopta in the early morning.

After 1 hour of our journey, we reached our destination point. We reached our final destination(Chopta) and then we ate some parathas because we were too much hungry and after that, we started our trekking trip for Chandrashila. On the way of Chandrashila, we also visited Tungnath temple which is just 1 km before Chandrashila. Time taken to trek to Chandrashila from Chopta is 4-5 hr.

*Total expenses till reaching Chopta:- 470+30+40+100+55+40+75(150)+395 = 1205(1280)

Return to Delhi

After completing our trip to Chandrashila we returned to Chopta. At Chopta we took rest for around 30 minutes because the three of our new friends (to whom we met at the beginning of the trip) were hungry. After rest and eating Parathas we started looking for a bus. But we failed to find a single bus for our return journey. Finally, we decided to book our personal cab for Ukhimath from Chopta. Which was worthwhile in sharing with five people(Including three new). Here we paid 1000 for five persons(200 per head).

After reaching Ukhimath we took a rest for one night for which we paid total 1475(1100 for two rooms and 375 for food, 295 per head). We bargained from 2000 to 1100.

In the morning we left the hotel and we reached the bus stop in Ukhimath which was nearly about 500m from our hotel. We covered this distance on foot. This is the reason why we got a hotel at a very low price which was away from the market(Bus Stop).

From Ukhimath we took a bus for Rishikesh and here we paid 450 per head. And finally, from Rishikesh, we took a bus to Delhi. And here we paid 280 per head.

*Total expenses till reaching Chopta:- 200+295+450+280 = 1225

**Final sum-up:- 1205(1280)+1225 = Rs.2485(Rs.2505=for people with no student ID)

Note:- Keep Rs.500-1000 extra cash with you for Emergency. So, put total Rs.3000-3500 in cash in your pocket for this trip.

All the best for your trip to Chandrashila.

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